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Banatska 146

Deliblato Sands, Susara, Vrsac, Serbia

tel:+381 693572276

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Kastel Mariette

Kastel Marijeta

Kastel Mariette is located in the tucked-away village of Susara in the heart of the Deliblato Sands Special Nature Reserve in Banat County. If you enjoy nature, you will be fascinated by the untouched beauty of the scenery. Our magic Deliblato Sands can enchant the heart and soul.

Kastel Mariette is love at first sight. Staying in the luxurious ambience of the Banat country house, enriched with a great collection of art paintings and objects, is an unforgettable experience and an invitation to a kind of artistic journey.

There are trails for walking or biking leading to the parts of the park of special beauty (Zagajica hills, Dumaca, Korna, Swan's pane).

Nearby are the Karas and Nera rivers, the Canal Danube Tisa Danube, the prehistoric site in Dupljaja, the baroque town of Vrsac and Bela Crkva with seven beautiful lakes.

A light wind swept over the endless meadows, and all nature laughed in the sunshine. Welcome to Kastel Mariette for rest and enjoyment. Of course, bring your pet with you.

Surprise yourself with a different and special - explore the colorful world is a magical gift